Book Review: The Mermaid Escapade

Name of the book: The Mermaid Escapade [Kindle Edition]

Author:  Suzanne Francis-Brown 

Publisher:  SFB Publications

What's the book about? 
The water in Salt Cove is turning brackish and neither humans nor merpeople, know why. Three human children, Elena, Kwame and Abena, team up with two young merpeople, Lula and Susura, from the realm of the River Mumma, to solve the mystery. 

Why am I reading the book? 
I first heard about The Mermaid Escapade on Diane Browne's blog ( and immediately downloaded the book. I was interested in the ebook not only because it's written by a Caribbean author who lives in Jamaica, but also the plot revolves around a central water spirit of Caribbean mythology, River Mumma aka Oshun/ Yemoja/ Erzulie. 

Quote from the book: "Abena's grandmother tightened up her lips and drew together the skin between her eyebrows, until it looked like the furrows in a newly ploughed land. When Mama Sara looked like that, it meant long grumblings between her and her Lord above. And woe be unto any little pass-deh-place grandchild caught giggling or rolling their eyes."

Where to buy:

Suzanne Francis-Brown enjoys bringing words to the party; crafting worlds and pitting her wits against creeps she's dredged from the deep. She has worked in journalism and public relations, and more recently added heritage and history to the mix.


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