New Book: Connecting the Dots by Eglantine Franco

Name of the Book: Connecting the Dots

Author: Eglantine Franco

Publisher: Xlibris

What's the book about?: Connecting the Dots by Eglantine Franco recounts the traumatic experience in a young woman's life from an initial event caused a physical disability to what would later manifest itself as a personality disorder. Franco chronicles the events that led up to the diagnosis of a girl who now suffers from borderline personality disorder (BPD).

Why am I reading the book?: In our culture, there is so much guilt surrounding mental disorders that I was drawn to this story that sheds light on a subject that is surrounded by unnecessary shame.

Quote from the book: "Unfortunately, there is this unrealistic standard placed on most young people today. Their bodies are not created to fit into "one size fits all." Humans from all over the world come from different races, have different genes, and have differently proportioned and shaped bodies. Yet garments are mass produced, and these young bodies are forced to fit into these clothes" (30).

Where can you buy the book? Connecting the Dots: From Erb's Palsy to Anorexia Nervosa to Borderline Personality Disorder

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