Today on PULSE: Does Jamaican Dancehall Music Incite Violence?

Sizzla:"Nah Aplogize"

N.B. This video contains lyrics that some may deem objectionable.

South Florida' s PBS affiliate, WPBT2, will be broadcasting today on PULSE, a new public affairs program, a discussion that Howard Duperly, Tim Padgett, and I had about the topic: Does Jamaican Dancehall Music Incite Violence?

Sunday, July 19 @ 12:00 PM

From the PULSE web site:

In April, Gay and Lesbian rights groups called for a ban of Jamaican products and travel, claiming the country has had a long history of discrimination without proper repercussions. They cite Jamaican dancehall music as one example--this popular genre is known to have hit songs with lyrics advocating violence against gays. Is dancehall music an accurate reflection of Jamaican perspectives and culture? Did the music influence the culture or the other way around?

Howard Duperly, 88.9 FM WDNA
Tim Padgett, TIME Magazine
Geoffrey Philp, Miami Dade College


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sokari said…
Hi Geoffrey - thought this short documentary might contribute to this debate.

The film was made by Inge Blackman of BlackmanVision films here in London

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