Mother's Day 2009

Merty Philp and family
She planted bulbs during the winter
When nothing it seemed would ever survive
The cold until early May when the first

Saplings pushed their green music into a noisy world.
For all the while, they had been growing
With the kind of stubborn faith that sends

Monarch butterflies reeling across continents,
Seeking a resistant patch of green covered
In milkweed. Yet under a punishing sun

With enough earth to spread roots and sky
To blossom, nurtured by egg shells and seaweed
Impossible colors that rivaled her neighbor’s garden

Greeted her as she opened the door to the back yard,
Each petal bursting like a prayer that had been answered
That grew from her hands, almost like her children.



Rethabile said…
Wonderful. There you are to mum's left.

I love how the voice starts with what I consider a high note: "She planted bulbs during the winter."

And right there, the tone is set and we know: not much can touch her.
Stephen Bess said…
"Each petal bursting like a prayer that had been answered
That grew from her hands, almost like her children." Geoffrey, that! I like that. Great poem and photo. Is that your mom?

Btw, Happy Mother's Day to your lovely wife. Have a great week. Peace~
She was a wonderful woman, and yes, that's me to her left.

my brother.
Stephen, I accept the greetings for my wife and I will pass it on. I also return the greeting to you and your family.

Gordon Mason said…
Liked the "green music" and the "butterflies reeling across continents".
Give thanks & Welcome, Gordon!
Andy Sewina said…
Wonderful poetry! I really like the line with the green music and the noisy world!
Andy, glad to have you here.Welcome and thanks!
James said…
I love the way the stanza flow from one to the next so effortlessly. Beautiful.

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