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Frances-Anne Solomon’s new theatrical production looks as if it will be another success!
In July, CaribbeanTales in association with Leda Serene Films will stage the world premiere of award-winning director Frances-Anne Solomon’s new theatrical production Lockdown, brought to audiences for the first time ever at Toronto’s largest theatre festival, The Toronto Fringe Festival (July 1st to 12th). Lockdown’s fictional story traces the fortunes of a group of young people held hostage during a high school lockdown. The high octane script picks apart the violence that threatens to undermine their dreams. The play stars a number of established performers including Jamaican icon Leonie Forbes (What My Mother Told Me, Lord Have Mercy, A Winter Tale), and rising Toronto actor Michael Miller (A Winter Tale, Get Rich or Die Trying) alongside a diverse ensemble of talented young performers selected through citywide auditions held across the GTA last June.

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Idren Geoffrey,

Isn't that Brushy One-String? Is he in Lockdown?

Bless Up,
Lady Roots
Mezzer said…
It does indeed appear to be Brushy One String. What's the connection?
Dear Lady Roots and Mezzer,


I try and pass on as much news as I can from Leda Serene Films by using their information so I don't know the actual connection that they are making.

I will dig deeper.

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