"Coward Men Keep Sound Bones"

Here is my latest short story that has been published in Asili. It may be a bit risqué for children, but in a world of Internet porn, it palls.

Still, I was brought up as a righteous young man and now that I have enough short stories that could be assembled into a collection, I worry about the kids (especially my kids) reading stories like this before they are ready for these kinds of relationships. The kind of concern that I have is similar to Edwidge’s when a youngster told her that she’d read Breath, Eyes, Memory and loved it. She was shocked and this is why she decided to write some books that she thought were more appropriate for adolescents.

So, this is my parental advisory for “Coward Men Keep Sound Bones.”

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Gela's Words said…
I feel a little wistful when I read about people writing, or reading. Oh, don't I wish for the time that I can have a stack of books by my bed, that I can read at leisure and not because I'm trying to pass an exam. Oh I long for the days when I can just read for fun again.
Stephen Bess said…
I'll have to take a look at that short story. I'll have to reorder Uncle Obadiah. Amazon said that it wasn't available or that it was delayed? I just cancelled. I'm going to just order it at a bookstore.


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